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Event: 14th Annual Great Midwest Book Fest

Michelle Lindo-Rice will be featured at this event.

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Book Release: Small Town Faith

An inadequate vigilante. A daring detective. The dangerous man between them. Jazmin "Jazzy" Thompson will stop at nothing to avenge her brother's death, even if it means using herself as bait. Ignoring her twin sister's warnings, Jazzy goes undercover by befriending her brother's killer. But will love thwart her mission?

Detective Travis "the Tease" Gonzalez, has been pursuing Jazzy since their teens but his reputation as a flirt supersedes him. When they are united on a case, will Travis finally get his chance to prove that what he feels for her is the real deal?

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Book Release: Small Town Love

One small town. One big secret. An even bigger love. Sean Morrison has returned to Lovetown, TX, with one purpose in mind: Claim Janiya Thompson as his wife. He has his faith, his military career, his upscale apartment, and with Janiya by his side, his life will finally be complete. But Sean has a secret that could destroy his newfound relationship. Will he have the courage to tell Janiya the truth?

Janiya "Niya" Thompson has only known grief and uncertainty in her small town life. She doesn't see any hope for a brighter future until her childhood friend, Sean, returns to town. Now, Janiya begins to yearn for more and opens her heart to new possibilities. Will Sean be a part of her healing or will he bring more pain?

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